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Nathan Residences offers a range of delightful studio apartments for rent in Hong Kong to suit different needs and preferences of our guests. Simply click on the studio apartment type below for a quick virtual tour, and we are certain you will find exactly the studio flat in HK that you need!



80 sq ft



130 sq ft


160 sq ft



190 sq ft


210 sq ft


270 sq ft

After finding your ideal studio apartment for rent in Hong Kong, you can also check out the quick virtual tour of our communal area below, where you can meet and mingle with other Nathan Residences’ guests like yourself!



  • How do I schedule a viewing of your co-living Kowloon space?
    Please feel free to Whatsapp us at +852 9313 6680 to let us know your needs! Please feel free to also leave your contact details on the CONTACT US page and we will get back to you within 6 hours!
  • Are utilities included in my co-living HK rental costs?
    Yes, utilities such as electricity, water, gas (which are capped at HK$1,000 per room) are included in your rental cost. We hope that all our co-living residents will be using electricity and water responsibly and turn off their air-conditioning unit when leaving the unit. We hope to be doing our part to protect the environment and Mother Earth.
  • What is the minimum stay at your co-living Kowloon residence? What if I need a flexible rental arrangement?
    The minimum stay of our co-living apartments is 1 month. We offer a flexible arrangement for guests who would like to stay for longer of course. For a 4 to 12 months stay, after the first three months, our coliving residents can provide a one month written notice to terminate the agreement if they wish.
  • What documentation is required to book your co-living apartments?
    We will require your ID/Passport copy.
  • How can I make rental payments?
    We accept ATM bank transfer, FPS transfer, online bank transfer, and credit card (extra charges will apply).
  • Is there a security deposit? When will I get it back?
    We will require a 1 month deposit for a 1 to 6 months stay, and a 2 month deposit for a 7 to 12 months stay. It will be returned to you 14 days after your stay has ended at our co-living Kowloon residence.
  • When are monthly rental payments due?
    Monthly payments at our co-living space in Hong Kong are due within the first week of the month.
  • I enjoy staying at Nathan Residences - Coliving Kowloon! How can I extend my stay?
    Please feel free to reach out to our Nathan Residences Co-living Hong Kong team and they will happily assist you!
  • Are there additional charges on top of my co-living space monthly price?
    There are no additional or hidden charges for our co-living apartments in Hong Kong.
  • How do I cancel my booking which has been confirmed? - Cancellation Policy BEFORE move in
    Upon receiving the deposit and the first month rental, if the guest wants to cancel for personal reasons 30 days prior to the booking start date = 30 days written notice, we will charge a $3000 cancellation charge. If the guest cancels for personal reasons without giving 30 days notice = within 29 days of move in date, half of the deposit sum received by Nathan Residences will be forfeited to Nathan Residences as cancellation charge.
  • How do I terminate my agreement after moving in? - Termination AFTER move in
    The first three months of the Licence is a fixed term and early termination is not permitted. After the first 3 months of the License, the guest may: (a) terminate this Licence earlier at any time of the Licence Period by giving 45 day or more notice (an additional $2000 administrative fee will be incurred under this arrangement) (b) terminate this Licence earlier at any time of the Licence Period by giving 31-44 day notice (an additional $3000 administrative fee will be incurred under this arrangement) (c) terminate this Licence earlier at any time of the Licence Period by giving 30 days notice or paying a sum equivalent to 1 month’s Licence Fee in lieu of the notice of not less than one month (an additional $3000 administrative fee will be incurred under this arrangement).
  • I love staying at Nathan Residences! How do I renew my agreement?
    The guest is required to give notice whether to renew the current agreement 45 days prior to the termination date. Nathan Residences is required to receive the response of the Licensee to confirm the extension. Upon receiving no confirmation from the guest 45 days prior to the termination date, it shall be deemed that the guest will not extend the agreement.
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