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  1. Please wear a mask in all communal areas and corridors (except when eating in the dining area).  Please sanitize your hands regularly. 

  2. No smoking in all indoor areas of Nathan Residences.

  3. Please ensure that all residents will be able a peaceful and quiet stay at Nathan Residences. Please keep the house quiet between 10 PM – 9 AM.

  4. All communal areas are first come first serve. 

  5. No more than two persons may be seated together in the communal area.  

  6. Please make a booking prior to using the washer and dryer in the laundry room and follow the booking time slots strictly.  Each resident may only book two washer and two dryer time slots daily (each time slot is 1.5 hrs).

  7. Please clean pans/utensils & place the plates and glassware inside the dishwashing machine after your meal and do not let them fester in the sink (communal kitchen cleaning fee - $100 per unwashed pot/pan).

  8. In order to maintain hygienic and clean condition in the fridge, we will conduct a weekly fridge inspection.  Upon finding any expired or rotten food, we will dispose it without further notice.  Please also ensure that all items with sauce are place in zipped bags or containers.  

  9. Please listen to music or watch movies using your headphones in the common area and do not use speakers.

  10. Don´t leave your personal things in the common area. It can be mistaken for being communal and be broken or misplaced.

  11. Please do not place personal belongings or shoes in the corridors outside of your apartment. 

  12. Please ensure that you put your valuables in a safe place/in the room safety box.

  13. Please do not hang clothes outside the windows. 

  14. During bi-weekly or weekly cleaning, any claim for damage or loss must be made within 24 hours.  Nathan Residences will be responsible for only up to 2.5 times of the cleaning cost. 

  15. Be sure to close the doors and windows securely when leaving the property.

  16. Please throw your rubbish in the large rubbish bin located at the back stairs.

  17. All residents are required to be 18 years old or above.

  18. Please take the time to meet new friends and enjoy your stay!



Linens and towels provided for your comfort and convenience.  Should any soiling, staining or damage occur to these, you may be charged.  Coffee, tea, wine, makeup, mascara, hairdye and ink are known to damage towels and linen.  Please do not consume or use these items on clean linens.  

NR Linen Cleaning Chart.png

For a linen change other than included within the scheduled bi-weekly cleaning, a linen change fee of $200 will be charged. 

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